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Terry LaBan

Terry LaBan has worked for In These Times since 1990. His comic strip, “Edge City”, is nationally syndicated by King Features Syndicate and appears daily in numerous papers, including the Chicago Sun-Times, and he writes Disney comics for Egmont in Europe. Along with other freelance work, LaBan does a semi-regular feature for Nickelodeon Magazine called “Fiona of the Felines” and is currently studying digital design. Find more of his work at

LaBan began working for In These Times 20 years ago, operating the stat camera, illustrating and helping with paste-ups, which at the time were still done with X-acto knives and wax. After the magazine computerized production in the early 1990s, he continued as illustrator and cartoonist. Over the years, LaBan has worked for a number of “alternative” comics for companies like Fantagraphics and Dark Horse and managed a thriving freelance illustration business…for a while.