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Duly Noted

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011, 6:41 pm

If Ayn Rand Wrote a Sex Column…

By Lindsay Beyerstein

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Donkey Hotey, Creative Commons. would probably read a lot like this screed from Cat Marnell about why she uses Plan B as her primary form of contraception:

What Plan B does: Zap that sucker at the source! No, I don't actually think there is a "sucker." I would not talk in such a ... glib tone about abortion, which I believe, yes, is murder -- "the extermination of the powerless by the powerful," as my #1 bitch hero Camille Paglia would say, and you can be as liberal as you want but there are biological facts to acknowledge. Yet it's a murder within the confines of MY biological body, not in the governed-by-society rules, and thus I have the right to murder it. Just like I have the right to kill myself!

(Which, no, I'm not going to do. Trust me, I have no idea how (short of drugs, and THAT I find pathetic). And I was reading David Foster Wallace over the weekend and he hung himself and I'm all, how DO these creative writer types know how to make nooses? Could you make a noose? I don't think I could make even one nautical knot, and thinking about those things makes me curious and cheerful. So anyway, that was just an UPLIFTING Tuesday aside, and you're welcome for it!)

Actually, Plan B prevents pregnancy by inhibiting ovulation, but thanks for playing.

[HT: Jill.]

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