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Cover: Democracy Begins At Home

November 9, 2001


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by Arundhati Roy
War is peace. So now we know.
by Ned Stuckey-French
Anthrax is bad, but smallpox is worse—much worse.
by Doug Ireland
The war that bin Laden wants.
by Wayne Madsen
The terrorist money trail leads back to Midland, Texas.
by George Lakoff
The power of images.
by Slavoj Zizek
Is this the end of the fantasy?


The 2000 election must not be forgotten.
Democracy Now
The world needs more ballots, not more bullets.
Cracks in the Coalition
The rest of the world begins to sour on the war.
Abortion Under Attack
Chipping away at the right to choose.
But Venezuela's "revolution" faces many obstacles.


Selling the War.
Kamikaze Capitalists.


The IRA moves forward with decommissioning—but some loyalists don't want peace.
New Yorkers elect Bloomberg as their next mayor.
There's a Police Riot Goin' On
Anti-war marchers feel the chill in Connecticut.
Climate of Fear
Long Island activist is charged as a "terrorist."
In Person
Fred Korematsu made a federal case out of it.


MUSIC: No joy for New Order.
The Vagina that Roared
BOOKS: Susanna Kaysen's "sore spot."
Fille, Interrupted
FILM: Fat Girl and French Feminism.
Mind out of Time
The seven ages of Bob.

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