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Cover: Here Comes the Neighborhood

December 20, 2002


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By David Moberg
The labor movement grows more skeptical of Bush's plans for Iraq.
By Naomi Klein
Who are the real globalizers?
By Bill Boisvert
BOOKS: Daniel Ellsberg's Secrets.
By David Moberg
By Joshua Rothkopf
The cinema that survives.
By Geov Parrish
Can a moment of anti-war anger become a movement?


Charlotte and the resegregation of America's public schools.
How to Save the Airline Industry
In a word, regulate.
Dalits face a new threat from India's Hindu nationalists.
Plus: Indians in America fund the Hindu right.
Elections in Gujarat send India reeling further right.


Rebel Yell
Navel-gazing news..
Pee first, ask questions later.


Investigating the role of Saudi banks.
Venezuelan elites go on strike.
As Israeli opinion shifts, despair is a constant.
Caught Speeding
Volkswagen forces Czech workers to slow production.
In Person: Doug Rokke.


An interview with Get Your War On creator David Rees.
The Bad News Bears
BOOKS: Dead Cities is a revelation.
BOOKS: Bob Woodward, publicist.
MUSIC: Murder, Islam and Eminem.

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