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Monday, Aug 28, 2006, 9:01 am

Monday Monday

By Brian Zick

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Catching up with weekend news, Kevin Drum has some questions about the Plame case and Richard Armitage's involvement.

Ethical Realism
Digby worries that many Democrats have actually embraced the looney neoconservative approach to foreign policy. Which he trenchantly defines:
I remember as a child a strange little neighbor girl who was found in her backyard swinging her cat by the tail against the sidewalk screaming "you're gonna love me!"

That's neoconservatism. It's so insane, I believe almost anything is an improvement.

Stewart /Colbert
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were presenters on the Emmy award show last night.
Crooks and Liars has a clip.

Taking his cue from Katherine Harris' goofy foot-in-mouthiness, Mark Kleiman observes how the word "Christian" has evolved in politicized meaning, approppriated by extremist right-wing fundie theocrats to define themselves as "the only true Christians."

Mark doesn't discuss how it is also the case that opponents of radical extremist "Christians" have also commonly come to narrowly apply the word to describe the theocrats.

The Frencheese Project
John at AMERICAblog has discovered a video blog for Americans about France.

Frist Watch
Steve Clemons suggests Frist might be a better candidate than most folks are inclined to think. But he does introduce us to a couple of the Senator's "handicaps."
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