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Tuesday, Aug 22, 2006, 1:53 pm

Another Day, Another Display of GOP Favoring Media Bias

By Brian Zick

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Pamela Leavey at the Democratic Daily reports on a press tele-conference call with John Kerry and Patrick Murphy, a week ago Friday, in which Kerry scolded the press for pushing GOP spin and failing to properly report what Democrats say. Reporter Jonathan Kaplan of The Hill did not take the criticism well, and said “Screw that and Screw him!! For Him to criticize us, it’s his own fault.”

The call was recorded and audio is available at the link.

Mike Conallen, the Chief of Staff of Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick - Murphy’s opponent - had somehow got wind of the call, assumed the mantel of reporter earlier, and had asked Murphy some leading questions, upon which Kerry observed the questioning was a campaign impropriety by an opponent's representative. Later, after his "Screw him" remark, when other callers demanded he identify himself, Kaplan is also heard saying "I shouldn't have said that, because I'm going to get in trouble now," followed by "Mike, are you gonna help me out here or what?"

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