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Monday, Aug 14, 2006, 4:11 pm

Remember That Closing Scene In Raiders of the Lost Ark?

By Brian Zick

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Robert Colvile for the UK telegraph reports that NASA has misplaced the original video tape of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the Moon.
A spokesman for the space agency said: "We're trying to track them down through the paperwork created at the time - but it's 35 years ago, so it's a challenge."

Mr Cowing said: "For all we know, it's sitting somewhere in a nice, cool dry place, exactly where it should be, but someone's mislabelled a routing slip.

"I can't imagine they'd throw this stuff out."

Of course, that's precisely what was done with the original video of the first ten years of Johnny Carson's Tonight shows, which were erased by NBC without any thought to their historical value.

via HuffPo
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