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Thursday, Jul 27, 2006, 9:18 am

Tasini Speaks Out About Mid East Violence, Harshly Criticizes Clinton for Lack of Leadership

By Brian Zick

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New York Democratic senate candidate Jonathan Tasini speaks passionately and with clarity about the problems of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He forthrightly recognizes the wrongs perpetrated by both sides in the equation.
The problem is not the debate in Israel. The problem is the debate—or lack thereof—in the United States.

Senator Clinton’s spokesperson has called my comments about Israel's conduct “beyond the pale.” With all due respect, it is Senator Clinton’s behavior, lack of leadership and failure to call for a respect for international law that should be questioned by the press, the Jewish community and the voters of New York. At a time when the violence against people on both sides of the border has killed hundreds of innocent people (mostly Lebanese), Hillary Clinton has fanned the flames of the conflict by recognizing and condemning the violence only against Israelis and effectively encouraging military action. I, too, have stated clearly, from the outset, that Hezbollah’s actions violate international law. But, to ignore Israel’s actions is abhorrent, weak and cowardly.
Read his whole commentary.

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