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Tuesday, Jul 25, 2006, 10:33 am

Playing Guess Who

By Brian Zick

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Dana Milbank has an interview in today's WaPo with an anonymous Republican, campaigning for Senate:
He spoke of his party affiliation as though it were a congenital defect rather than a choice. "It's an impediment. It's a hurdle I have to overcome," he said. "I've got an 'R' here, a scarlet letter."

That left the candidate in a difficult spot. "For me to pretend I'm not a Republican would be a lie," he reasoned. But to run as a proud Republican? "That's going to be tough, it's going to be tough to do," he said. "If this race is about Republicans and Democrats, I lose."

Some folks are trying to figure out who the mystery Republican might be.
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Patrick at Fishbowl.

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