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Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 8:10 am

Mid Morning Melange

By Brian Zick

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Specter Puts On His Kneepads
Glenn Greenwald provides analysis of a report in The Hill which details how Arlen Specter has - as sure as the sun comes up every morning - rolled over to accommodate a whitewash of the NSA wiretapping in the legislation before the Judiciary Committee.

via Atrios

Grover Norquist Enters The Fray On The Side Of Internet Feudalism
John Eggerton in the May 8, 2006, edition of Broadcasting & Cable, reported formation of the "Internet Freedom Coalition" which was established as "a conservative response to’s pro-“network neutrality” regulation lobby."

via Joel Bleifuss

Soto Gives Bush Positive Review
Steve Soto provides analysis of Bush's speech which compliments Bush's basic policy endeavor - which happens to split the GOP coalition. In which regard, Kevin Drum reports "Bush's immigration speech has basically provoked full scale nuclear war among conservatives." And Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker has posted CQ's Patrick Yoest's report that DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff bad-mouthed the idea of using the National Guard to patrol the border - less than six months ago on the O'Reilly Factor - saying it would be "horribly over-expensive and very difficult."
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