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Monday, May 15, 2006, 8:03 am

Mid Morning News Medley

By Brian Zick

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The Smell of KGB In the Air
Brian Ross and Richard Esposito for ABC News report that a senior federal law enforcement official has told ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers of reporters in an effort to root out confidential sources."

Immigrant Coalition Plans Response to Bush Militarizing the Border
Darryl Fears for WaPo reports that "Bush's plan to dispatch National Guard troops to the Mexican border was not greeted well by the immigrant coalition."

Angry Phone Company Customers
Andrea Stone for USA Today reports that customers of AT&T and BellSouth want to join the lawsuit against Verizon that has already been filed.

Hurry Up and Get Screwed
Christy Hardin Smith reminds folks that today is the deadline for signing up for the Medicare Drug Plan from Hell. Eligible people who do not sign up for one of a gazilllion different confusing formulas for coverage, will be forced to pay a penalty if they try to enroll past the deadline. Richard Wolf for USA Today has the details.
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