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Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 8:20 am

Watergategate Update 5/10/06

By Brian Zick

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Holy Moly. Josh Marshall points to a scoop in San Diego's North County Times, which reports that Duke Cunningham is refusing to cooperate with the federal investigation of hookers/poker/CIA/bribery/congressmen at the Watergate.

Josh asks a significant couple questions:
1) What is the threshold "for a government criminal investigator, the regional head of DOD's in-house investigative service, to go public and say on the record that someone isn't cooperating and that the scandal is much bigger than anyone thinks?"
2) What could possibly be Cunningham's reason for clamming up? "Duke is 64 years old. He's had cancer. He was just sentenced to 8+ years in prison. That might well be a death sentence. Who's he protecting? And what would make him think he's better off keeping quiet than telling investigators what they want to know?"
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