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Monday, Apr 17, 2006, 8:30 am

News Medley

By Brian Zick

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•Adam Cohen in the NY Times draws parallels between the GOP's NH Phone Jam-a-rama and Watergate.

via Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker

•Ron Brownstein in the LA Times reports that the idea for imposing criminal penalties on illegal immigrants came from the Bush administration.

via Jonathan Singer at MyDD

•Steve Soto reports on this morning's new Gallup poll.
"Gallup’s latest poll out this morning, taken last week between Monday and Thursday, shows that Congress receives its lowest approval ratings (23%) of the Bush presidency. For his part, Bush’s approval rating has fallen back down to 36%, matching the lowest in a Gallup poll."

•Monica Eng, Delroy Alexander and David Jackson, for the Chicago Tribune a few days ago, reported on SUSHI AND REV. MOON
How Americans' growing appetite for sushi helps support his controversial church

via Charles kuffner

•Norm at onegoodmove has posted a clip of Meadow Soprano having a political conversation with her father Tony.
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