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Monday, Mar 20, 2006, 8:05 pm

Blogosphere vs DC Pundits: The Hour When the Ship Comes In

By Brian Zick

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Chris Bowers at MyDD has a noteworthy post on The Emergence of a New Progressive Conventional Wisdom.

Chris notes in particular the huge differential between the the blogosphere and DC Beltway conventional pundit wisdom, in reaction to Senator Feingold's censure resolution - before any of the major polling outfits measured pubic opinion. And then he points to the poll data, which showed how much the public was much more aligned with the bloggers than with the DC punditocracy.

Not that this wrestlemania for the public mind is anywhere near over - it's barely begun, and folks possessed of power don't care to part with it cavalierly - but Bowers' observations put me in mind of this little ditty:
When the Ship Comes In - Bob Dylan, 1963

It occurred to me (duh!) that this recent In These Times story on the developing influence of blogs, by Lakshmi Chaudhry, was rather on point.
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