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Thursday, Sep 8, 2005, 1:18 pm

FEMA Fails Again and Again

By annaschneider

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Once again, FEMA failed to properly utilize its resources when 1,000 volunteer firefighters gathered in Atlanta, ready to put their rescue skills to work to help Hurricane Katrina's victims. Check out this article in the Salt Lake Tribune that reports the firefighters sat through a day of training to do FEMA's community-relations (whatever that is) instead of actually saving people. The last paragraph of the article is the kicker....
But as specific orders began arriving to the firefighters in Atlanta, a team of 50 Monday morning quickly was ushered onto a flight headed for Louisiana. The crew's first assignment: to stand beside President Bush as he tours devastated areas.
Sounds like the government and FEMA are still more concerned with saving face than saving people. Consequently, I encourage everyone who has the time or resources to donate and do whatever they can to help those who are suffering on the Gulf Coast. Here's a few links to sites that have compiled lists of ways we can help:

CNN's help center

Volunteers of America

Council on Foundations Volunteer Resources

Go Fug Yourself's list of volunteer centers and resources.

And of course, good ol' Red Cross.
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