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Friday, Nov 5, 2004, 11:49 am

The Ongoing Red vs. Blue Myth

By Seamus Holman

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I'm getting annoyed at seeing these maps that make it look like all the progressives live in big northern / costal states. Yes there are conservative majorities in the plains and the south, but they're not that overwhelming. Many of these so called red states have Democratic governors, and senators. I'm getting more convinced that the Democrats are facing more of sales problem than a rapidly growing conservative virus. The purple maps from 2000 are still purple after this election:

This is just deceptive: USA Today county map We aren't that polarized and the margins are still quite slim...

After three years of art directing In These Times--and nine years of living and studying in the Midwest--I returned to the northwest in 2005 to start Gridwork Design and focus solely on web design.

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