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Tuesday, Nov 2, 2004, 2:56 pm

Thug watch

By Jessica Clark

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Freelance journalist David Neiwert is tracking instances of vandalism and intimidation that target Kerry supporters.

Key examples include Kerry supporters being fired for expressing their preference, protestors being roughly thrown out of rallies, and more than one Democratic headquarters being spraypainted with derogatory slogans.

These people put the "ass" in "compassionate conservative".

Jessica Clark is a writer, editor and researcher, with more than 15 years of experience spanning commercial, educational, independent and public media production. Currently she is the Research Director for American University’s Center for Social Media. She also writes a monthly column for PBS’ MediaShift on new directions in public media. She is the author, with Tracy Van Slyke, of Beyond the Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics Through Networked Progressive Media (2010, New Press).

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