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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2004, 5:50 am

Obama’s DNC speech

By Aaron Sarver

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I've had the pleasure of seeing Obama speak in person a few times, but he blew away even my high expectations last night.

Video and text of the speech at Obama's site

A couple of thoughts:

Is Kerry going to look that much more stiff and boring compared to how energetic Obama was?

Who in the world are the Republicans going to find be the sacrificial lamb to face Obama now? A replacement candidate for Jack Ryan still has not been selected.

Go into the collar counties around Chicago, and people will tell you they don't want their tax money wasted by a welfare agency or the Pentagon.

A swipe at the military budget. That makes this progressive very happy.

Aaron Sarver is an independent audio producer and writer based in Chicago. His work has appeared in In These Times, The Chicago Reader,, and on Free Speech Radio News. For nearly three years he produced and co-hosted the radio program, Fire on the Prairie, which featured interviews with progressive writers and activists, and is archived at

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