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Tuesday, Jun 29, 2004, 9:49 am

Playing War

By Tracy Van Slyke

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Speaking of cards (see blog entry below), adding to the plethora of playing cards are some that I find particularly funny and engaging called War Profiteers. I sat on a 2 1/2 hour plane ride going back and forth between laughing and gasping with outrage while reading them. Here are a couple of my favorite samples...

The cards are put out by a group called Corp Watch whose mission is to counter "corporate-led globalization through education, network-building and activism. We work to foster democratic control over corporations by building grassroots globalization a diverse movement for human rights and dignity, labor rights and environmental justice." I met one of the people who helped put together the War Profiteer cards this weekend and he said the best game to play with them is "War."

Corp Watch and the Web site for War Profiteers keeps track of the latest indignaties of our favorite companies such as Halliburton. They not only track corporation's connections to Iraq, but what's these corporations are doing across the world. I haven't seen a lot of Web sites dedicated to spreading this kind of information and stories, so its worth checking out.

Tracy Van Slyke, a former publisher of In These Times, is the project director for The Media Consortium.

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