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Friday, Jun 25, 2004, 7:33 am

Playing the Bush Card(s)

By Jim Rinnert

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The ad says: "Do you know who in the Bush administration is an ex-con? Or who never graduated from college? Can you guess the cabinet member who had an oil tanker named after them? you know whose nickname is 'Yoda' and whose nickname is 'Turd Blossom'?"

Answers to these and more burning questions appear on a deck of playing cards --a deck of cards offered as an alternative to a "re-elect Bush" pack of cards offered by the same vendor.

I say, forget both of these decks of cards and instead get ITT's poster of Bush as the Joker.

I came across the ad for the cards when I was looking up a quote from Ann Coulter and found a product endorsement for the
Ann Coulter doll. Among the rancid Coulterisms found: "The Great Satan is wearying of this reverse hegemony, in which little pipsqueak nations try to impose their pipsqueak values on us. Aren't we the ones who should be arrogantly oppressing countries that unaccountably do not have the death penalty? -- Ann Coulter

Jim Rinnert is the art director at In These Times.

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