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Friday, Jan 29, 2010, 1:26 pm

GRITtv and Air America’s Domino Effect

By Jeremy Gantz

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If you're a progressive news junkie, you probably heard about the death of Air America Radio last week. (If not, check out this very sad web page.) The network closed after nearly six years, citing "the laws of economics." They are indeed immutable—unless, of course, you're too big to fail. Unfortunately, Air America wasn't.

The loss of Air America—like In These Times, a member of The Media Consortium—is bad enough, but its demise is affecting our favorite online video news outlet, GRITtv.

It turns out that viewer-supported GRITtv, hosted by Laura Flanders, a former ITT columnist, has broadcast from Air America's New York City studios since its launch in May 2008. Now they need a new home, and it won't be cheap: Sarah Jaffe of GRITtv says the move to a new home will cost nearly $50,000. Here's the call she sent out for donations:

We’re sorry to see our [Air America] friends and officemates go, and wish them the best. We’re also stuck in a tight spot. GRITtv has broadcast from the Air America studios from the start, but now have to find a new home. It’s not going to be cheap! We’re looking at nearly $50,000 in moving expenses, equipment purchases, and cost increases, and we have to raise it fast.

Every donation you make will be matched dollar for dollar by Free Speech TV, and will go to helping us move to new studio and office space to continue bringing you your GRITtv fix with as little interruption as possible. We know we are going to end up with even better space and an even better show for you all. We’ve got other new, exciting features coming soon as well.

Every contribution helps. We appreciate all your support in helping us make GRITtv even better.

You can donate to help GRIT here, and look at Facebook photos of an office in sudden flux here.

From everyone at In These Times, best of luck, GRITtv! Survival ain't so easy in the independent media world... and we would know, unfortunately. Hang in there.

Jeremy Gantz is a contributing editor at the magazine. He is the editor of The Age of Inequality: Corporate America's War on Working People (2017, Verso), and was the Web/Associate Editor of In These Times from 2008 to 2012.

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