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Thursday, Dec 17, 2009, 8:36 pm

COPENHAGEN VIDEO: ‘Reclaim the Power’ Protesters Clash—and Dance—With Police

By Blair Kelly and Alexander Kelly

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COPENHAGEN—On Wednesday, December 16, about 1,000 people from several activist groups came together to form the "Reclaim the Power" demonstration outside the Bella Center, where the international climate conference is being held here.

Protesters marched to the center hoping to interrupt and confront delegates, but police held demonstrators at bay just outside the site with a limited use of force. Protesters built makeshift rafts and attempted to ford the moat-like waterway around the venue in order to circumvent police forces. But they were immediately detained by K-9 squads. They then used the raft as a barricade briefly and ineffectively—police soon confiscated and deflated it.

Soon afterward, tensions softened after police began to remove their riot gear helmets. Chants ceased and both sides eased into smiles as protesters danced to drum beats. Demonstration leaders eventually made a deal with police to leave the site peacefully, dancing to Samba music as they departed... Check out video of the clashing and dancing below.

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