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Tuesday, Jul 14, 2009, 8:28 pm

Friends of Chicago activist Dennis Dixon seeking donations

By Lindsay Eanet

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Friends and supporters of Chicago peace and justice activist Dennis Dixon are calling on other members of the progressive community to help one of its own after Dixon was attacked on a Chicago Transit Authority train.

Dixon was assaulted and beaten on the CTA on June 27th. He is being treated at Illinois Masonic Hospital for a fractured skull, brain swelling, a crushed eye socket and a sub-dural hematoma. As of July 6, Dixon is breathing on his own and awake, but suffers from a notable brain injury, according to a write-up from Chicago IndyMedia. Dixon is a full-time peace activist and is unemployed and uninsured and needs help paying for medical treatment.

Those who wish to donate to the Dennis Dixon Fund can do so by clicking the button on the website set up by his friends and supporters. All donations are tax-deductible and those made online will be processed through the Illinois Justice Foundation and Network for Good. Those who choose not to donate online can write and send a check made out to the "Illinois Justice Foundation/Dixon Fund" to "Dixon Fund, 5441 S. Ridgewood Ct., Chicago, IL, 60615."

Lindsay Eanet is an In These Times editorial intern and a journalism student at the University of Missouri.

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