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Friday, Dec 5, 2008, 9:12 am

Moore: ‘Save our Industrial Infrastructure’

By Jeremy Gantz

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Michigan native/resident Michael Moore offers his $.02 on the Big Three and their proper fate...

I care about what happens with the Big 3 because they are more responsible than almost anyone for the destruction of our fragile atmosphere and the daily melting of our polar ice caps.

Congress must save the industrial infrastructure that these companies control and the jobs they create. And it must save the world from the internal combustion engine. This great, vast manufacturing network can redeem itself by building mass transit and electric/hybrid cars, and the kind of transportation we need for the 21st century.

And Congress must do all this by NOT giving GM, Ford and Chrysler the $34 billion they are asking for in "loans" (a few days ago they only wanted $25 billion; that's how stupid they are -- they don't even know how much they really need to make this month's payroll...

His government solution? Force the companies to 1) only build vehicles/trains/subways not primarily dependent on oil; 2) buy all common shares of the companies for $3 billion; and 3) let "smart transportation geniuses" in the government run the companies well (see #1). Sounded like a plan until #3.

Jeremy Gantz was the Web/Associate Editor of In These Times from 2008 to 2012. His January 2011 cover story for the magazine, "Terrorist by Association," was selected as a finalist for the Molly National Journalism Award 2012. He is now a contributing editor to the magazine, focusing on labor issues.

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