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Friday, Nov 7, 2008, 3:44 pm

Friday Night Links: Still reeling/Leinenkugel’s edition

By Jarrett Dapier

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-Brutal, shocking violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a hunger crisis, mass rape. And there will be no peace because the worldwide minerals market (what your Mac and cell phone need to run) have a deeply vested interest in the region.

-Rick Perlstein: "We've been on the verge of what seemed like permanent ideological transformation before."

-The AP has (a quite possibly totally speculative) list of likely Obama cabinet appointments. Three names listed here appeared in the In These Times October cover story, "22 To Know: Our Picks For An Obama Cabinet". The most exciting of those three is David Bonior for Secretary of Labor.

-The Arab world reacts to Obama's appointment of Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Also, the honeymoon is over: Check out this train wreck of a statement to the Israeli media by Emanuel's father:

"Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel," Dr. Benjamin Emanuel was quoted as saying. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House."

But, maybe his knuckles-bared approach is precisely what is needed for the Dems.

-In case you missed it, we've got the first published post-election piece by Bill Ayers up on our site today (and in our December issue).

-Al Franken needs your money.

Late Friday musing:

Whenever I drink Leinenkugel's (brewed in Wisconsin) I think of the lines from Annie Hall:

Annie: "I'm from Chippewa Falls."
Alan: "Right... WHERE?!?!?"

Have a good weekend.

Jarrett Dapier is a former assistant publisher at In These Times. Previous work for ITT includes interviews with playwright Christopher Shinn and Fugazi guitarist, Ian Mackaye. He currently works with teens at the Evanston Public Library where he runs a recycled drumming program and directs stage adaptations of young adult literature. He lives in Evanston, IL.

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