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Wednesday, Nov 5, 2008, 6:00 am

Post-Election Day morning links: Ballot measures/Recount edition

By Jarrett Dapier

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The good news:

For the second election in a row, voters in South Dakota rejected a statewide abortion ban by double digits.

The bad news:

Though all the votes are not yet counted this morning, California's Proposition 8, which would effectively ban same sex marriage in the state, looks likely to pass.


The Coleman/Franken contest in Minneapolis is still being counted. Franken says he reserves his right to a recount if the margin remains razor-thin to the end.

Jarrett Dapier is a former assistant publisher at In These Times. Previous work for ITT includes interviews with playwright Christopher Shinn and Fugazi guitarist, Ian Mackaye. He currently works with teens at the Evanston Public Library where he runs a recycled drumming program and directs stage adaptations of young adult literature. He lives in Evanston, IL.

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