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Monday, Apr 28, 2008, 2:56 pm

All the misogyny fit to print?

By Jeremy Gantz

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Is the New York Times Book Review anti-feminist? A fascinating article in the current issue of Bitch emphatically argues: Yes.

Recently, Times editors—in both the daily paper and the Sunday section—have trotted out a particularly insidious formula for bashing feminist authors. First, hire a female reviewer to unleash misogynist tropes in her piece and then, lest she appear prejudiced against her own gender, throw in an illogical, contradictory statement about the importance of a less threatening version of feminism that isn’t so “polarizing,” “provocative,” or “strident.”

More evidence that the Times is not – and, I think, never has been - the bastion of rampant liberalism conservatives love to accuse it of being.

Jeremy Gantz was the Web/Associate Editor of In These Times from 2008 to 2012. His January 2011 cover story for the magazine, "Terrorist by Association," was selected as a finalist for the Molly National Journalism Award 2012. He is now a contributing editor to the magazine, focusing on labor issues.

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