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Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007, 7:45 am

Smear Artist Gerth Stalking Hillary Again

By Brian Zick

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Rush and Molloy for the NY Daily News report that a book about Hillary is in the works, penned by dishonest hack Jeff Gerth, the "reporter" who launched the Whitewater fishing expedition. Gerth's accounts purposefully misrepresented events and failed to note the proof of no impropriety which existed, as determined by the Resolution Trust Corporation after it had thoroughly investigated complaints (from an aggressively partisan Republican) before Gerth ever began to write about the failed land deal.

Joe Conason and Gene Lyons thoroughly debunked the corporate press corps' trumped up crusade againt the Clintons; Lyons provided a particularly detailed criticism of Gerth's hack work in his book "Fools for Scandal."

Gerth was also responsible for trumping up hysterical allegations against Wen Ho Lee, for which the NY Times later apologized.

via Kate Redburn at TPM Cafe
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