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Thursday, Feb 22, 2007, 6:28 am

Camp Hillary Escalates the Stupidity

By Brian Zick

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After having told the vast number of Democrats, who believe a vote for Bush's war resolution was a huge mistake, that she doesn't want their vote, Hillary Clinton's blithering idiot campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson then managed to distract the entire press corps from its Anna Nicole coverage to focus its attention on Clinton's pathetic and desperate whining crusade against Barack Obama. Wolfson is even promoting a Barack-orchestrated conspiracy against Clinton.

Someone oughta remind Senator Clinton that she actually needs Democrats to vote for her in primary elections, in order to gain the party nomination for President, and being an obnoxious petulant whiner is not exactly helpful in winning the hearts and minds of the folks who will be casting votes. If anyone should get dumped from a campaign, it's Wolfson, for his terminal fatuity.
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