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Tuesday, Jan 30, 2007, 8:39 pm

Biden Is In

By Brian Zick

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John Whitesides for AP reports:
The six-term Delaware senator, who will announce his presidential candidacy on Wednesday, said he was not worried about competing for money or support against high-profile Democratic contenders like Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) of Illinois.

"It's not so much whether I can compete with their money, but whether they can compete with my ideas and my experience," Biden said in a Reuters interview, adding the rush of publicity around the first campaign trips by Obama and Clinton would fade.
Oh yeah, like, f'rinstance Joe's "idea" that Congress can't put a stop to the Iraq war competing with Obama's idea to compel withdrawal of all U.S. combat forces from Iraq by force of law.
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