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Monday, Jan 29, 2007, 6:55 pm

On the Fourteenth Day of Fitzmas: A Wrap Up

By Brian Zick

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Emptywheel (Marcy Wheeler) and Jeralyn Merritt provide analysis for PoliticsTV.

Jeralyn at firedoglake and David Corn have posted recaps.

Booman catches Ari's testimony at noteworthy odds with a report by former Time Magazine reporter John Dickerson, with the discrepancy having potential legal implications.

Although not at all the way he remembers, or reported at the time, Dickerson speculates that Ari's testimony was not intentionally false and misleading.
More likely, he admitted to prosecutors more than he may have actually done because better to err on the side of assuming he disclosed too much than assuming he gave over too little.
Perhaps Tamara Lippert and David Gregory - the other two reporters who were with Dickerson at the time Ari says he identified Plame - will perpetrate some, like, actual journalism and, y'know, report what happened. (But don't hold your breath.)
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