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Thursday, Jan 25, 2007, 1:23 pm

Florida-13 Update

By Brian Zick

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Melinda Henneberger at HuffPo reports that an appellate court overturned the circuit court ruling which had previously gone against Democrat candidate Christine Jennings. Now Jennings will have the ability to examine the voting machine software, to try and determine if machine error had cost her the election by failing to record several thousand votes. Henneberger writes:
A new report from electronic voting experts casts doubt on Florida's official position, which is that it was poor ballot design that led to the undervote. The authors of the report, David Dill of Stanford University and Walter Mebane of Cornell University, wrote that "a very strong statistical link between a specific error message in the machine's event log and a high undervote rate on that machine may be an indication of a mechanical cause of high undervotes."
Republican Vern Buchanan has been conditionally seated, but Jennings is working to win a new election.
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