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Sunday, Jan 21, 2007, 1:49 pm

Megalomaniacs Know Better

By Brian Zick

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Damn the Military Commanders, Lawmakers and Public, Full Speed Ahead!
Michael Abramowitz and Peter Baker in WaPo report:
A reconstruction of the administration's Iraq policy review, based on more than a dozen interviews with senior advisers, Bush associates, lawmakers and national security officials, reveals a president taking the lead in driving the process toward one more effort at victory -- despite doubts along the way from his own military commanders, lawmakers and the public at large.

He never seriously considered beginning to withdraw U.S. forces, as urged by newly elected Democratic congressional leaders and the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. And he had grown skeptical of his own military commanders, who were telling him no more troops were needed.

So Bush relied on his own judgment that the best answer was to try once again to snuff out the sectarian violence in Baghdad, even at the risk of putting U.S. soldiers into a crossfire between Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias. When his generals resisted sending more troops, he seemed irritated. When they finally agreed to go along with the plan, he doubled the number of troops they requested.
Quote of the Day Bonus:
"... he's the only reason we are still in this fight," said Frederick W. Kagan
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