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Thursday, Dec 28, 2006, 11:58 pm

Billmon: “That’s All Folks”

By Brian Zick

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William Montague - Billmon of “Whiskey Bar” - has gone offline. He was one of Kos' first guest-posters at The Beginning. He has been a wonderfully passionate, creative and awesomely inventive blogger. He has received broad acclaim for his gifted perspicacity and communication talents. And he has won a great many hearts. The selfish among us cling to the hope he will return. There are a relatively few bloggers who have gained reputations for routinely exceptional performance, recognized for skills in information-gathering, or appreciated for the high literary quality or distinctive humor of their writing. Billmon's “Whiskey Bar” posts have uniquely been political blogging as Art (with a capital "A.")

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