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Tuesday, Dec 26, 2006, 8:44 am

Universal Healthcare In the News

By Brian Zick

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Mort Zuckerman at US News believes it has become an imperative:
If there is one single source of risk our policymakers must tackle, it is health insurance. We must not muddle on, a band-aid here and a band-aid there. We must find some way to provide universal health insurance, especially to cover all children. This is one of the critical reasons that Americans are nervous and no longer believe that the next generation will be better off.
Via Atrios, who also points out that "Zuckerman is hardly a liberal icon."

And Ezra Klein in the LA Times expresses his belief that Universal Healthcare is inevitable, and points to the basic premise of universality being promoted by some in the insurance industry itself.

Via Barbara O'Brien at Crooks and Liars, who thinks
we've reached a point at which a critical mass of the American middle class understands the system is seriously bleeped and is willing to listen to options. Unfortunately the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy still has a tight enough grip on news media that it is damn near impossible to have the dispassionate national discussion on health care we need to be having.
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