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Friday, Dec 22, 2006, 7:11 pm

Republicans Stop Democrats from Helping Workers - the GOP Staffers Who Are Now Out of a Job

By Brian Zick

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The Wall St Journal reports:
Republican House staff members who are losing their jobs in the aftermath of November’s loss of control are hoping Democrats will re-extend the hand of largesse to them next month.

As the old Congress wound down in a scramble of post-election activity, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered to pay two months’ severance to staff members working on some committees and in House leadership offices. But her offer was scuttled — by Republican lawmakers, who complained they didn’t have the opportunity to study the proposal and look at costs.
Digby observes:
Well yeah. Most of us learned a long time ago that if you want to be treated decently by your employer, you always have to depend on the Democrats. Republicans just don't give a damn about working people --- especially the "help." They'll just tell you to sell your copy of "Atlas Shrugged" on e-bay or get one of those great new jobs that just opened up at the Swift meatpacking plants if you need money.
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