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Tuesday, Nov 21, 2006, 5:23 pm

5300 Houston Janitors Win Wage Increase, Improved Benefits

By Brian Zick

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Houston Justice for Janitors reports
HOUSTON--On the heels of a string of victories in Miami, Los Angeles and Boston that have resulted in dramatic gains for families, more than 5,300 janitors in Houston won higher wages, more hours, and health insurance in their first city-wide union contract. The contract will lift hundreds of janitors out of poverty, more than doubling their income within 24 months and guaranteeing secure affordable health care. Houston is the second major victory for janitors in less than a year, and is being seen as a major breakthrough in the South and for low-wage workers around the country.
These courageous people more than earned their well-deserved victory. Jordan Barab at firedoglake reports on some appallingly nasty shit pulled by the Harris County DA and Houston Police in the last few days, above and beyond using horses to trample peaceful demonstrators.
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