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Thursday, Nov 9, 2006, 9:25 am

Votes Still Being Counted (And Recounted)

By Brian Zick

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Kos reports that not all votes have been counted yet in OH-15, and there's a recount in IL-06. And in FL-13, where the margin favoring the Republican is a mere 373 votes, there was a huge undercount in a key Democratic county. The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports the results may have been caused by voting machine problems.
More than 18,000 voters who showed up at the polls voted in other races but not the Buchanan-Jennings race.

That means nearly 13 percent of voters did not vote for either candidate -- a massive undercount compared with other counties, including Manatee, which reported a 2 percent undervote.
While some have speculated that people simply chose not to vote in the District 13 race, many voters say the unusual undervote was caused by badly designed touch-screen ballots, which they say hid the race or made it hard to verify if they had cast their vote.

More than 120 Sarasota County voters contacted the Herald-Tribune to report such problems, almost all regarding the Jennings-Buchanan race
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