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Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011, 4:28 pm

Introducing In These Times’ New Blog: Uprising

By Allison Kilkenny

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Greetings, Internet. My name is Allison Kilkenny and I'm an independent journalist who has been covering movements like US Uncut and Occupy Wall Street since their inceptions.

Generally speaking, I'm interested in all things uprising, meaning recent anti-neoliberalism revolutionary movements that have arisen in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and most recently in the United States.

Of course, these aren't the only places containing uprisings. The countries currently experiencing civil unrest are too numerous to name, but this blog is my modest attempt to follow some of these rebellions and document what they mean for the world at large.

We live in a global community, and as such, Egypt and Wisconsin's revolutions are not separate or isolated. They are born from a singular spirit: rejection of plutocracy and demands for basic human dignity. They also feed and influence each other. Wisconsin protesters frequently cited Egypt as a source of inspiration for their resistance, and similarly, Egyptians expressed solidarity with the anti-Walker, pro-union demonstrators.

Basically, lots of poor people are sick of the rich shitting on them, and regardless of nationalism, they're beginning to understand the bottom 99 percent have more in common with each other than they do with the upper-one percent.

I'll mainly be focusing on the Occupy movements for the time being, since I'm visiting Liberty Park in New York City almost on a daily basis, but expect to see lots of posts about other anti-austerity movements, domestic and international.

Allison Kilkenny is an In These Times Staff Writer and the co-host of the critically acclaimed radio show Citizen Radio. Her blog for In These Times, Uprising, focuses on efforts around the world to address the global economic crisis.

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