How Wall Street Skims Higher Education

This animated video put out by the American Federation of Teachers shows how risky loans and high interest rates for institutional borrowing is driving up costs and debt for taxpayers while lining the pockets of Wall Street investors and for-profit colleges.

Why I Am Fighting for $15

In this short video, a McDonald's worker explains her reasons for fighting for a $15 an hour wage and the right to form a union without retaliation. On May 15, fast food workers in 150 cities across the country went on strike to protest their treatment by the $200 billion fast-food industry.

Thomas Piketty Explains ‘Capital’ to Chris Hayes

In this extended interview, Thomas Piketty explains the major concepts contained in his new book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"—which Paul Krugman has called "the most important economics book of the year—and maybe of the decade."

Sea-Tac Airport Workers Use Film Competition to Demand Union

Alaska Airlines workers in Sea-Tac, WA submitted this video to a Seattle International Film Festival contest to highlight their campaign to win better wages and a union. More information on the video and campaign can be found here.

Diane Ravitch: “Attack on Public Education is an Attack on Democracy”

Education historian Diane Ravitch joins Bill Moyers to discuss how public education is becoming a big business with bankers, hedge-fund managers and private-equity investors entering what they consider to be an “emerging market,” exemplified by the rapid growth in charter schools across the United States.

How The 1% Bought Our Democracy

Bill Moyers talks with investigative journalists Kim Barker and Andy Kroll about the role of dark money in the upcoming midterm elections, and how the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has opened the floodgates of corporate cash into our electoral system, with three times as much money having been raised for this year’s elections as four years ago.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the New “Cosmos” and Why Science Trumps Faith

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Bill Moyers to discuss the new show "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," an updated version of the hit PBS television series which made Carl Sagan a household name. They explore a variety of topics, including the nature of an expanding, accelerating universe (and how it might end), the difference between “dark energy” and “dark matter,” the concept of God in cosmology and why science matters. Part two and part three of the discussion can be viewed here and here.

This Video Shows Why Teachers Are Losing Their Minds

This video showing Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers at a professional development session gives a sense of the absurd measures teachers are being forced to endure in 2014. The presenter, one of several consultants brought in by CPS from California and the UK, makes the educators repeat her over and over, supposedly in preparation for upcoming standardized testing in Illinois. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis called the video "sick." Read about CPS teachers' boycott of standardized testing here.

Kentucky’s Very Own Keystone XL

In These Times staff writer Cole Stangler joins Thom Hartmann to discuss the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline in Kentucky. In addition to laying out the potential for ecological damage from the pipeline, Stangler rebuts claims made by proponents that it would be an engine for energy independence and job creation.

Kentucky Nuns Sing Out to Stop a Pipeline

A group of nuns in Marion County, Kentucky are working to stop a proposed oil pipeline that would run through the state, and have become the face of a grassroots environmental campaign. Their protest tactic of choice? Singing. Read In These Times staff writer Cole Stangler's story on the resistance to the Bluegrass Pipeline here.