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We are pleased to report that Project Censored once again has honored In These Times for covering the news ignored by the mainstream media. The magazine earned three spots on this year's list of the "Top Ten Censored Stories," #7, #9, and #11.

2001 Winners

#7 Corporations Promote HMO Model for School Districts

The Miseducation of George W. Bush

The aptly named Educational Management Organizations (EMO's) are being touted as the new answer to impoverished school districts and dilapidated classrooms, the real emphasis is on investment returns rather than student welfare and educational development. Schools with already limited resources, serving poor and minority communities, will be those under the greatest pressure to boost scores or face loss of funding as a result of Bush's proposal for national standardized testing. Additionally, standardized testing funnels public dollars directly to non-public schools, including religious schools, through taxpayer-supported vouchers. Vouchers shunt kids out of the public schools system and into private for-profit institutions. The reality is that, though most EMO's have yet to show investors a profit, they generally cut teacher salaries, eliminate remedial, special, and bilingual education programs (mandated for public schools), and consistently perform at or below the level or surrounding schools in test scores.

#9 U.S. Faces National Housing Crisis

Yet Washington ignores the national housing crisis.

The national housing crisis affects nearly 6 million American families and is growing worse. Over 1.5 million low-cost housing units have recently been lost, and millions of children are growing up in housing that is substandard, unaffordable and dangerous. Still, politicians refuse to add federal funded housing to the U.S. budget. Low-cost housing programs are slowly being drained of funding. More than 100,000 federally subsidized units have been converted to market-rate housing in the past three years. While the $5 billion Federal Housing Administration surplus is tied up in Washington, neither major political party seems responsive to the current housing crisis. Neither party is addressing issues of living wage, adequate health care, or affordable housing. Homelessness has become the result for many families across the nation.

#11 Bush Appoints Former Criminals to Key Government Roles

Iran-Contra Villain Elliot Abrams is Back in Action

Since becoming President, George Bush has brought back into government service several men who were discredited by criminal involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, lying to Congress, and other felonies while working for his father George Bush senior and Ronald Reagan.

Previous Winners

2000 Winners

Bolivians battle globalization.

The two above stories won for reports on the U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

Honorable Mentions

1999 Winners

What Rambouillet really said.

The legacy of America's largest nuclear test.

The plan to make Russia the world's nuclear waste dump.

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