M4BL Issue
Deeply Rooted
Naimah Thomas
How the Potency of Social Wages Can Beat Back Neoliberalism
At the core of President Biden’s American Families Plan is an understanding that workers are paid too little in market wages and that government has a responsibility to change that.
Jack Metzgar
Andrew Cuomo Is Just Another Boss For John Samuelsen to Fight
The Transport Workers Union president discusses turning against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, wrestling the gig economy and why he hates the Twittersphere.
Hamilton Nolan
We Have a Jobs Crisis and an Environmental Crisis. The Answer to Both Is a Civilian Climate Corps.
From Bernie Sanders and AOC to the Sunrise Movement, progressives are working to establish an updated version of a New Deal program to meet the challenges of economic and climate upheaval. Its time has come.
Jeremy Mohler
Rural America
The Unopen Range: How Fences Hurt Wild Animals
In the Western United States alone, 620,000 miles of fence carve up the land. These barriers threaten the migrations of pronghorn, mule deer and other species.
Tara Lohan
Landlords Are Going to Take Away All Your Wage Gains
This is what happens when you treat housing as just another market.
Hamilton Nolan
Striking Alabama Miners Are Done Playing Nice
Hundreds of UMWA miners remain on the picket line at the Warrior Met Coal mine.
Jacob Morrison
No Justice, No Italian Beef: Workers at Portillo’s Food Chain Walk Out on Strike
A group of non-unionized workers at the Chicago-based chain staged a week-long walk out, part of a growing wave of strikes in the area.
Jeff Schuhrke
The Uniquely Dangerous Work of Massage Therapy During a Pandemic
A massage therapist speaks out about the gross and unfair treatment she was forced to endure.
Maximillian Alvarez
DispatchThe Wisconsin Idea
A Wisconsin Hog Farm Would Produce 9.4 Million Gallons of Manure a Year. Nearby Residents Live in Fear.
Crawford County is up against Roth Feeder Pig II, which would be the largest hog CAFO in the state and could permanently pollute local aquifers.
Hannah Faris
U.S. Media Outlets Are Still Banging the Drums for the Afghanistan War
Major press outlets are trying to goad Biden into staying in Afghanistan.
Sarah Lazare
Rural America
Yellowstone Is Losing Its Snow, with Repercussions for Everyone Downstream
A climate assessment found that snowfall is declining in Greater Yellowstone — and likely to keep declining. The problems trickle down to impact everyone from trout to grizzly bears to people.
Bryan Shuman
Over Mayor Lightfoot’s Objections, Chicago Is Set to Finally Enact an Elected School Board
Despite some qualms with the legislation, public education advocates are cheering the embrace of school democracy over mayoral control.
Kari Lydersen
Joe Biden Says He Stands With Unions. This Is His Moment to Prove It.
The longest national nurses strike in over a decade could also be a "watershed moment" for Medicare for All.
Mark Dudzic and Rand Wilson
There Are No Mass Migrations Without U.S. Meddling and Militarism
Despite its pledges to aid Central America, the Biden administration continues to deny the United States' role in destabilizing the region.
Azadeh Shahshahani and Rhonda Ramiro
Score One for the Smithfield Workers of Sioux Falls
After suffering one of the worst workplace outbreaks of Covid-19 in the country last year, pork processors in South Dakota have secured a major labor victory.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Only Way to Stop the GOP’s Democracy Doom Loop
Republicans are on a warpath against voting rights. Democrats alone won’t block them—we need mass grassroots resistance.
Eli Day
The Heat Wave Shows Climate Change Is a Workers' Rights Issue
The workers laboring outside in this extraordinary heat are on the front lines of the climate crisis.
Mindy Isser
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