Time For Unions to Give the Democratic Party an Ultimatum
Money spent on organizing is always well spent. You can't say the same about political donations.
Hamilton Nolan
This Labor Day, Let’s Remember Labor’s Forgotten Fight—Shorter Hours and Control Over Work Time
We’re working more for less. Instead, we should fight to work less for more.
Jamie K. McCallum
ViewpointRural America
Healthy Food Comes from Healthy Land, Not from Laboratories
Manufactured meat substitutes do nothing to restore the ecosystems and rural communities ravaged by industrial agriculture.
Will Harris
News Blog
Police and Affordable Housing Collide in Charleston
The South's most picturesque city reckons with race and gentrification.
Patsy Newitt
A Brief History of the U.S. Government’s Targeting of Left-Wing Immigrants
Throughout U.S. history, right-wing forces have used the denial of citizenship to restrict political dissent.
Shaun Richman
Why Every Job in the Renewable Energy Industry Must Be a Union Job
We need millions of union jobs that are good for both workers and the climate.
Mindy Isser
Tenants Just Won a Nationwide Eviction Ban. They're Still Fighting to Cancel Rent.
President Trump's surprise eviction moratorium is an election hail-mary. But to stave off a disastrous housing crisis, organizers say Democrats—including Joe Biden—must embrace bolder measures.
Rebecca Burns
Trump Is Inciting Racist Violence in Kenosha—And Democrats Are Complicit
Democrats are failing to articulate a clear moral vision that is opposed to Trump’s ultra-racist, law-and-order politics.
Alice Herman and Emilio Leanza
In California, a “Labor Slate” Aims to Redefine the Relationship Between Unions and Politics
From union jobs to Medicare for All, this new pro-worker slate is pushing a progressive platform—and could become a model for how organized labor approaches elections.
Hamilton Nolan
The Rank-and-File Push to Get Cops Out of the Labor Movement
Union members speak about why police have no place in the labor movement.
Maximillian Alvarez
On the Cusp of a Sex Ed Revolution
Texas has its first opportunity in more than two decades to address gaps in its approach to sex ed.
Lizzie Tribone
Tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET: Join Bernie Sanders and Sara Nelson for a special online event
We’re moving our anniversary celebration online—and making it free for everyone.
Christopher Hass
The Reconstruction-Era Legal Theory Preventing Cities and Towns from Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis
Radical times demand a radical re-conception of local politics.
Simon Davis-Cohen
Covid-19 Hunger Strikes Sweep Migrant Detention Centers
Jailed migrants are fighting a battle for their lives.
Maurizio Guerrero
A "Progressive" Vegan Company's Anti-Union Campaign
A conversation with former workers at No Evil Foods, a vegan plant-based meat producer in North Carolina.
Maximillian Alvarez
Rural America
Sorry Sonny: National Forests Are Not Crops
Secretary of Agriculture Perdue has prioritized logging, mining and grazing on the National Forests that shelter many threatened species.
Adam Rissien
What Would a Feminist City Look Like?
New York’s City Hall encampment provides a model for creating care-centered, inclusive spaces.
Apoorva Tadepalli
Rural America
Will Bayer Get the Drift on Dicamba?
The agrochemical company has been ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits alleging its potent herbicide drifts and damages crops.
Dave Dickey
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