10 Ways Remote Learning Is Failing Our Students
Returning to in-person learning poses many risks. So does staying at home.
Dayton Martindale
A Direct Legacy of Slavery, Domestic Worker Exploitation Is On the Rise In the U.S.
The pandemic has left already vulnerable workers even more exposed to abuses on the job.
Maurizio Guerrero
The Failure to Unionize the Tech Industry Will Eat the Labor Movement Alive
The pandemic has made tech stronger, but unions haven't caught up.
Hamilton Nolan
The Republican Party's Puzzling Obsession with Socialism
With a pandemic ravaging the country, a historically unpopular president and no platform to run on, the GOP has set its sights on attacking socialism. It doesn’t seem to be working.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Want to Abolish the Police? The First Step Is Putting Them Under Democratic Control.
Abolition is part of a broader struggle for democracy.
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
Community Control Won’t Fix What’s Wrong with Cops
There's no reforming an inherently violent, white supremacist system. We must abolish the police.
Carl Williams and Christian Williams
To Transform Policing, We Need Community Control
An elected civilian council could crack down on police abuses, and pave the way for longer-term transformations.
Jazmine Salas
Stop Blaming Individuals for the Spread of Covid and Start Blaming the Government Response
By presenting collective, structural crises as separate, individual problems with separate, individualized solutions, the government abdicates its responsibility to meaningfully intervene.
Joel Bleifuss
We Organize Domestic Workers. Here's Why We Decided We Need a Union, Too.
How our union will make our organization stronger.
The NDWA Staff Union Organizing Committee
Rural America
‘People Are Still Putting Their Bodies on the Line to Stop this Pipeline’
A court found that the Dakota Access Pipeline was built unlawfully. These water protectors are still in prison for trying to stop it.
Joseph Bullington
15 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Another Perfect Storm Is Upon Us
When Katrina hit, the mainstream media and Congress both reacted shamefully. Their response to the pandemic is no different.
Joel Bleifuss
A Pricey Private School Says “Quaker Values” Justify Aggressive Campaign to Destroy Its Union
Brooklyn Friends School takes advantage of a Trump labor board ruling.
Hamilton Nolan
Banks Have Made $18 Billion From "Paycheck Protection Program" Processing Fees Alone
Fees paid to banks eclipse funding allocated to develop vaccines, provide medical supplies and feed children.
Colleen Boyle
It’s Not Just Trump: The Neoliberal Roots of the Postal Service Crisis
We should defend the Post Office, both from Trump and the ideology of austerity that treats the agency “like a business.”
Max B. Sawicky
Social Abstinence Is Not a Sustainable Pandemic Response
The "just say no" approach isn't working. But here's what might.
In These Times Editors
To Win in 2020 and Beyond, the Democrats Need a Bolder Moral Vision
The urgent case for setting our sights higher.
Rev. William Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharis
Inside the Endless Nightmare of Indefinite Detention Under “Civil Commitment”
After serving their criminal sentence, these men discover their punishment may never be over.
Sarah Lazare
This Terrifying Economic Crisis Will Make Cities Better
Amid the pandemic, the rich are fleeing American cities. That’s a good thing.
Hamilton Nolan
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