Biden's HHS Pick Will Be In a Position to Finally Take On the Healthcare Industry
Xavier Becerra has been a longtime supporter of Medicare for All and has shown willingness to confront pharmaceutical monopolies. There’s a lot he could do to make U.S. healthcare more progressive.
Natalie Shure
With Gigs Canceled and No Relief, Musicians Form a Nationwide Union
This is what solidarity sounds like.
Liz Pelly
Rural America
Recognition of Native Treaty Rights Could Reshape the Environmental Landscape
The U.S. has largely ignored the nearly 400 treaties signed with tribal nations, but that may be starting to change. And some think that could prevent, or even reverse, environmental degradation.
Alex Brown
Students at the Most Expensive University in America Are Going on Tuition Strike
With an $11 billion endowment, Columbia University has been fleecing students during the pandemic. Now students are fighting back.
Indigo Olivier
After Sweeping Statewide Races, DSA Aims to Put a Socialist Caucus on New York’s City Council
Through democratic, grassroots-powered campaigns and an army of volunteers, socialists are flexing their muscle to bring a left-wing policy agenda to New York City.
Annie Levin
The Violent Story of American Whiteness
Three writers dive into the depths of white supremacy in America, from alt-right dating sites to the neo-Nazi movement to protect Confederate monuments.
Kim Kelly
Congress Is Deadlocked on Covid Relief But Came Together to Fund the Pentagon for $740 Billion
There is always money for war.
Sarah Lazare
Shemoi Edwards
InvestigationGoodman Institute
Immigrants Detained by ICE Say They Were Thrown in Solitary for Requesting Covid-19 Tests
During an outbreak at Etowah County Detention Center, immigrants say solitary confinement was also used as medical isolation, against ICE guidelines.
Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven
“This Strike Is a Fight for Our Lives”: Healthcare Workers Are Walking Off the Job to Demand Pandemic Protections
In Chicago and across the country, a wave of strikes by nursing home aides and other healthcare workers is showing that collective action is necessary for survival.
Jeff Schuhrke
Treating the Traumas of Capitalism: Inside the Life of a Social Worker
A conversation with Michele Manco, a clinical social worker in the Bronx.
Maximillian Alvarez
12 Reasons Why Sex Ed Reform Cannot Wait
Less than half of U.S. schools offer sex education that is medically accurate.
Ria Bhagwat
The Great Black Radical You've Never Heard Of
Militant labor organizer Ben Fletcher, in his own words.
Peter Cole
LaborInvestigationGoodman Institute
Healthcare Workers Are Organizing Like Their Lives Depend On It
Faced with ongoing PPE shortages and employer obfuscation about deadly outbreaks, more hospital staff are seeing on-the-job solidarity as essential work.
Alice Herman
How the Battle in Seattle Changed Everything
In 1999, a coalition of union leaders, environmental activists and anti-capitalists took on the World Trade Organization and ushered in the 21st century for the U.S. Left.
David Moberg
Why the South Is Organizing Its Own Green New Deal
Amid devastating hurricanes, oil spills and refinery fires, the Gulf South pushes for a Green New Deal that will meet its needs.
Casey Williams
ViewpointRural America
On Environment, Biden Needs to Do a Lot More than Roll Back the Rollbacks
President Trump gutted almost 100 environmental protections. Here’s a list of the ones Biden should undo first and why he must not stop there.
Jonathan Thompson
The Man Building the Bridge Between Labor Rights and Criminal Justice Reform
Jose Garza, the new District Attorney in Austin, is the face of progressive power in Texas.
Hamilton Nolan
The Climate Movement’s Reckoning with Black Lives Matter
For far too long, the climate movement has ignored the needs of the people most impacted by the climate crisis. That's changing.
Camille Williams
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