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Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and the struggles of workers to obtain safe, healthy and just workplaces. As newspapers have declined, so has labor journalism. Workers—those now protected by unions, those lacking a union at work and those seeking to reform their unions—are increasingly absent in media. This is especially true for the most vulnerable workers, particularly those who are undocumented and easily exploited. The stories of these and other workers are not being told. The dearth of labor coverage in print media is reflected online, where original reporting on labor and workers’ rights issues is scarce. Supported by a generous grant from the Public Welfare Foundation, Working In These Times seeks to reverse the decline of labor journalism by making original news about workers' struggles freely accessible to Internet readers, many of whom are perhaps less familiar with America's history of workers’ rights struggles. By blending original reportage and commentary to highlight how workers are trying to improve their lives throughout the United States and beyond, Working In These Times will expand In These Times' longstanding commitment to covering the labor movement. Note: The opinions of Working In These Times commentators are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of In These Times' staff. Please tell us if you believe we've missed an important story or would like to contribute commentary to the site! Contact Jessica Stites, editor of Working In These Times, at jessica [at] inthesetimes [dot] com.

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