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Vic Fingerhut

Vic Fingerhut, a polling and media consultant, designed the TV campaign that Newt Gingrich blamed for sinking his so-called “Contract with America.”
His populist strategic advice is widely credited with triggering a massive 15-point, 8-million vote rally for Hubert Humphrey by capturing a major part of the Wallace vote in the final three weeks of the 1968 presidential election. He is also credited with designing the “Australian working families” populist message strategy that defeated four term (and supposedly unbeatable) right-wing, anti-labor Australian Prime Minister John Howard and brought the present progressive government of Australia into office.
Vic’s survey findings over five decades have overwhelmingly established the near-universal power of “representational” formulations (“Who is better at handling the economy in a way that helps average working families?”) over more abstract performance-based frames (“Who is better at handling the economy?”) for progressive parties in a wide variety of political systems.
Because of the absolutely critical nature of this year’s election, Vic is donating 20-30 minutes of polling, media or messaging consulting advice to as many pro-labor, pro-environmental, etc.,  progressive Democratic candidates or campaigns as time permits. Vic can be reached either through his email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or his office (202 -331 3700). His short version campaign website just for 2012 is