Israel & Palestine

We Can’t Let the Press Launder Israel’s War
A coalition of movement journalism organizations has come together to form Media Against Apartheid and Displacement, which sets out to uplift urgent reporting on the genocide.
Lara Witt and Maya Schenwar
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: We Must Understand Israel as a Settler-Colonial State
"Just as the U.S. celebrates itself as 'a nation of immigrants,' Zionists celebrated Palestine as a land without people for a people without land."
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Two state police troopers hold down two protestors on the grass at Indiana University while several other swat team members look on.
The Crackdown on Campus Protests is Just Beginning
At least a dozen colleges and universities have changed their policies to make it harder to protest the war on Gaza. More may follow this summer.
Adam Federman
Students, Gaza and a New Vision of Safety
"We Keep Us Safe" is more than a slogan at student encampments. It inspires an avenue to protection and community that undercuts a security state bolstered by genocide—and can show us all a path forward.
Sarah Jaffe
The Sanctuary Movement Put U.S. Foreign Policy on Trial
What can it teach our movements today?
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
Every Single Day, Biden Chooses to Continue Funding Genocide
Scenes from the Debt Collective's “Fund Education, Not Genocide” Rally in Washington, D.C.
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
Gaza Has Exposed Journalistic and Academic “Neutrality” as the Conservative Deflection It Always Was
After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, elite liberal institutions had no problem picking a side. After 37,000 Palestinians are killed by Israel—things are now more complicated.
Adam Johnson
The Corporate Power Brokers Behind AIPAC’s War on the Squad
An In These Times investigation reveals the individuals behind AIPAC's election war chest: nearly 60% are CEOs and other top executives at the country's largest corporations.
Branko Marcetic
Biden’s Bloody-Red Line in Rafah
Israel’s horrific attack on displaced Palestinians in Rafah comes as the Biden administration is facing increasing global isolation over its support for the assault on Gaza.
Phyllis Bennis
In an Historic Show of Labor Solidarity with Palestine, UAW Local 4811's Stand-up Strike Grows by 12,000
The academic workers at UCLA and UC Davis will join 2,000 already on strike at UC Santa Cruz.
Hannah Bowlus
New Poll Shows Biden Risking 20% of Voters in Key Battleground States
“We found that across all five states, a critical margin of voters—roughly one in five [or more]—are less likely to vote for Biden on account of his handling of the war in Gaza.”
Christina Lieffring
Education in Gaza Has Been Decimated, but the Spirit of Refaat Alareer Will Prevail
The student encampments and other protests like the "Fund Education, Not Genocide" rally in Washington D.C. this week are the expressions of solidarity and activism we need.
Yousef Aljamal
"This Is in the Spirit of Our Tradition": The First Jewish Biden Appointee Resigns Over Gaza
"It's time for us to stand up against what is happening to Palestinians in our name," Lily Greenberg Call says in an interview with In These Times.
Ari Bloomekatz
“We Are Going to Rally an Army”: Christian Zionists and Far-Right Zealots Are Actually Trying to Take Over Colleges
Aidan Orly
Antifascism After Gaza
Genocide abroad—and growing political repression at home—prove that the “fascism question” goes far beyond Trump.
Alberto Toscano
“It's a Statement About Who the University Belongs to”
A roundtable about resistance to privatization and the corporate governance of universities with Eman Abdelhadi (Univ. of Chicago), Calvin John Smiley (Hunter), Layla Hedroug (Yale), Owen Levens (DePaul), and an organizer from National Students for Justice in Palestine.
Nashwa Bawab
"Not Mere Pixels on a Screen": What Chicago's Student Encampments Actually Look Like
Select images from one of Chicago's movement photographers of student encampments at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, DePaul University and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Mamiran Nessa, a Bengali Muslim woman, spent 10 years in detention after the Indian government refused her proof of long-standing citizenship. She now lives on a river island rapidly eroding because of climate change.
Hindu Nationalists Are Taking Notes—and Tech Support—From the Israeli Right
The state of Assam has become a laboratory of ethnonationalism, with warning signs of genocide ahead.
Ankur Singh
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