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In These Times is a progressive, nonprofit political magazine dedicated to supporting movements for economic, social, racial and environmental justice, with a special emphasis on workers’ rights and investigative reporting.

Author and historian James Weinstein founded In These Times in 1976 with the belief that in order to thrive, political movements need vibrant, independent media to both shape their growth and grow their reach. Over the past five years, In These Times has seen record growth, as more and more people become engaged with democratic socialism, the movement for Black lives, and campaigns for workers’ rights.

When you work at In These Times team, you’ll be joining a close-knit team that cares passionately about economic, racial and climate justice, working to amplify and inform progressive movements and the Left at a moment when they are resurgent. We’re a proud union workplace with an internal culture that strives to live up to the ideals we advocate every day through our journalism.

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