Leave a Legacy


Members of In These Times’ Solidarity Forever Legacy Society extend their support for thoughtful progressive journalism far into the future. Through your will, a trust, or other means of planned giving, you can make gifts to In These Times that are substantially larger than you may have thought possible — ensuring that for generations to come, In These Times will be here to tell the real story.

Legacy members come from all walks of life and varying financial circumstances. However, they have one thing in common and that is their commitment to ensuring that independent vigilant journalism will continue far into the future — that In These Times will continue to be able to pull the curtain back on corporate malfeasance and social injustice.

There is no better way to ensure that we remain free from corporate influence and focused on the issues that impact the lives of all people than joining the Legacy Society.

There are many ways to support the investigative reporting and incisive analysis of In These Times—news that makes an impact — without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime. The simplest and most popular way is through bequests. A bequest is a transfer of property to an individual or organization through a will. You can also make a gift of securities, real estate, retirement plan or life insurance, to name a few possibilities.

For more information on ways you can support In These Times as a member of our Legacy Society, contact Joel Bleifuss by calling (773) 7720100 x232 or by emailing joel@​inthesetimes.​com.

Ready to get started now? We’ve partnered with FreeWill to make legacy giving easier than ever. Using their online tool, you can write a legal will in 20 minutes or less, for free, and include the necessary language to make a lasting impact with In These Times. Click here to get started.