The Disenfranchised Voters No One Is Talking About: Residents of U.S. Colonies
Hundreds of thousands in Guam and across the U.S. territories will be unable to cast a ballot this November. It’s a stark reminder of America’s brutal colonial legacy.
Tiara R. Na'puti
13 Ways the Vote Is Being Suppressed Ahead of the Election
Half of American voters expect to have difficulty casting a ballot this November.
Janea Wilson
Risking Your Life For a Trump Rally Means There's Nothing Left to Lose
On the campaign trail in Pennsylvania with Donald Trump, the dead mall candidate.
Hamilton Nolan
The Socialists and Progressives Working Outside of the Biden Campaign to Oust Trump
These grassroots groups may be reaching people the Biden campaign isn’t.
Nuala Bishari
The Climate Movement's Difficult Fight Ahead If Trump Wins
Another term for Trump means an uphill battle for climate activism. But it's a fight we can't afford to lose.
Mattias Lehman
How to Win a Green New Deal Under Biden
With effective organizing and consistent pressure, young climate activists proved that Biden can be pushed to adopt more progressive policies.
Nikayla Jefferson
The Case for Wearing a Mask and Voting Early In Person
In battleground states, vote by mail could contribute to Trump's "red mirage" lead on election night.
Steven Hill
Nobody Seems to Grasp How Screwed We Are
A nation on the precipice hears absurd normality from the candidates who are supposed to save us.
Hamilton Nolan
How Do You Flip Rural Trump Voters? Talk to Them.
In 2016, establishment Democrats all but ignored rural communities. Groups like People's Action are changing that, one conversation at a time.
George Goehl
Bad America
Our debate recap: A nation decides whether it's time for the final act.
Hamilton Nolan
Sorry Joe, Countries Don't Have Souls
Joe Biden has framed the election as a battle for “America’s soul.” But what we need are politicians who will fight for the material needs of the people.
Joel Bleifuss
Who Is Going to Stop Him?
If you don't think that Trump will steal this election, please explain why not.
Hamilton Nolan
The Confederacy Won't Die Until Florida Does
Election year in the epicenter of lost causes.
Hamilton Nolan
On the Cusp of a Sex Ed Revolution
Texas has its first opportunity in more than two decades to address gaps in its approach to sex ed.
Lizzie Tribone
15 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Another Perfect Storm Is Upon Us
When Katrina hit, the mainstream media and Congress both reacted shamefully. Their response to the pandemic is no different.
Joel Bleifuss
Mijente Stayed Out of the 2016 Election. Here’s Why It’s Going All In This Time.
Hispanic voters will comprise 13% of the electorate this year—the largest nonwhite demographic group of eligible voters. Mijente’s “Fuera Trump” campaign aims to mobilize them for the November election.
Ray Levy-Uyeda
Want Progressive U.S. Politics? Continue to Reform the Democratic Party Rules
There would be far more elected officials like Jamaal Bowman and AOC, if New York complied with the new Party reforms.
Larry Cohen
Biden Promises a Return to the Obama Era. That’s Bad News for Palestinians.
A campaign built on nostalgia is no comfort for those who are not at all nostalgic for the Obama administration.
Alex Kane
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